80 years
dry lips
a blast beat
john wayne
mary chains
N A M E .
isabella marie swan
alias. miss cocain

B I R T H .
i 'am 16 at the moment

L 0 V E .
it's just a word.
nothing more.
i am lois lane.
& you are superman.
but superman is dead.
dead like you are to me.
you never existed anyway.

D I S E A S E .
pro ana. Since 2.5 years

S M 0 K I N ' .
pall mall ♥

H E I G H T .
1.75 m

M U S I C .
indie & electro & hip hop
'cuz music is my only love

& ' M 0 V I E S .
P.S. I Love You!

B 0 0 K S .
twilight ‹3

D R E A M S .
superman & lois lane are reunited again!
they've got 2 babies & are happily after all.
'cuz all i need is love.
now & for eternity.

Deinen Traum kannst du nur leben,
wenn du aufwachst & anfängst!

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